13 July 2008


we have another participant in the "design blogger's challenge"!

the ever delightful mrs. blandings has created the most sophisticated gentlemen's club, using our beloved moscow mafioso chandelier as inspiration- lots of pretty pictures (again, none posted here lest the surprise be spoiled). when you visit, make sure not to skip all the pesky words that we bloggers sometimes insert between those pretty pictures, as mrs. b's lovely writing style is NOT to be missed- always warm, educated and informative, just as m21 imagines mrs. blandings would be if he were lucky enough to meet her in person.

so GO, GO, GO see mrs, b's fantastic take on "bordello chic"!

(btw, this game is getting SERIOUSLY fun- we can't wait to see what our other fellow bloggers come up with!)


Anonymous said...

ok....the dirty deed is done! I'm in.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Darling M - thanks for the kind words - it was great fun. Suggesting you should challenge us every so often to keep us on our blogging toes. Katie did say she'd play; can't wait to see what she comes up with.

pve design said...

love this, will see what I can come up with!
love a good challenge!