26 July 2008

designers are like snowflakes... (design blogger's challenge)

no two are alike! lana, the sweet and talented blogger over at topsy turvy style, has accepted the design blogger's challenge and created a luxe garden folly around our moscow mafioso chandelier. go see the results, including this over the top stag's head sculpture, here.

this challenge has been more fun than m21 could ever have imagined when he threw down the gauntlet and challenged himself and everyone else to follow the example of the house of beauty and culture and design a fantasy room the now infamous moscow mafioso chandelier. we'd like to sincerely thank everyone for playing- the results have ranged from the hilarious to the sublime, and far, far, FAR exceeded our expectations. all the different visions and tastes have been so insightful and varied. if you haven't composed an entry yet (and we're talkin' to you, studio annetta), there is no time limit and no winners or losers- just fun for all- so get started now!


Topsy Turvy said...

Thanks Christian! It was so much fun, but let's wait a while before doing another - I'm exhausted!


Suzy said...

I'm workin on it!!!

cheeky boy...

Suzy said...

OK, I posted it!!