06 April 2009

the best weekends

the best weekends are spent with family and friends, with no other agenda than enjoying each other's company. m21 was lucky enough to to enjoy such a beautiful day on saturday when he got together at the home of good friends for a pre-easter brunch and egg hunt for the kids. (we all know that families come in all shapes and configurations & though not related by blood, maison21 has known many of the gang involved for so long, he certainly considers them family. lucky m21!).

while the adults enjoyed mimosas around the table, the kids got creative with some tic-tac-toes.

the hunt!

does it get any cuter?

the kids enjoying the bounty of the hunt, while easter scavengers patiently hope for scraps.

the littlest bunny- not even a month old...

a slightly befuddled bunny with the prettiest eyes evah!

3 more of the cutest little bunnies in the world (and thanks target for the dollar bin bunny headbands- we more than got our money's worth!)


Leslie Rowlands said...

Great hoppin down the bunny trail...I must comment on the art behind the sofa..Love the movement of the circular shpes!
lamaisonfou blog

mary said...

Hi Christian--that is an amazing family-looks like Mona is the professional nanny. What does she charge?
Have a great Easter.

maison21 said...


you just earned one million blogger bonus points! that painting is a maison21 original, given to one of our hosts as a birthday/housewarming gift several years ago- thank you!

maison21 said...

mary, mona will gladly babysit for food! she used to be terrified of small children until we actually started spending some time around them. now she's discovered with their generous natures, and poor hand-eye coordination, that toddlers are like walking vending machines, and she sticks to them like glue.

lady jicky said...

Don't kids love a easter egg hunt!

Cote de Texas said...

Aw - so cute!!!! really really cute bunnies!

maison21 said...

lady jicky- this adult loves an easter egg hunt as much as the kids, probably! our oldest participant was three and our youngest not quite a year and a half, so the adults got to participate too- helping the little ones find some of the less obvious hiding places.

joni, they were all even mroe adorable in person, and so well behaved. i prefer kids to adults most of the time, so to be around their infectious joy was such a treat!

Ivy Lane said...

Lovin' the "littlest bunny"..soo soo cute they ALL are!

hope the snow disappears here for Sunday! looks like you are having fab weather!

the management said...

we had such a lovely saturday with you and the rest of the fam! I can't believe I didn't get more time to talk to you, I am a designer too!

Jessica, Ellie's loving mother

Suzy said...

they are all adorable!

Leslie Rowlands said...

Great M21...... I really do like it though...hummm inspiration for a painting....the piece on youth above, Great!
lamaisonfou blog

Alkemie said...

Oh my goodness!! The kids are SOOO cute Christian. And no, I won't force the pink deviled eggs on you :P

Karen O.

maison21 said...

karen- weren't they just the cutest? i didn't need any easter candy that day 'cuz i was already on sweetness overload.

thanks for the pass on the deviled eggs- i can't even do the normal yellow ones, so pink is just unthinkable for me...

happy hoppy!