13 April 2009

i heart vintage art

speaking of art (we were weren't we?), stumbled across this cool (and well-priced) cache at sixteen fifty nine, out of washington d.c.

we ALWAYS try to include a chic piece of modern art in every room we create- even the most staid and traditional of decors are instantly brought current, with the addition of a vibrant and colorful abstract.

what's not to like, right? (we know, some of you out there prefer your art to be representational- we're cool with that- just leaves more abstracts for the rest of us!).

Sixteen Fifty Nine
1659 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007
phone: 202.333.1480
fax: 202.333.1481


Tracy said...

My "staid and traditional" decor needs one of those #5-types -- the bright red with blue stripe -- to shake it up a bit. I'll get right on that!

maison21 said...

tracy, that one might be my favorite cuz i LOVE modern in an atique-y looking gilt frame!

Anonymous said...

I like #6. It would look great as an accent in my blue powder room. Thanks for the tip, Maison!

My Notting Hill said...

1659 is a great store. A definite visit if you come to DC!

sixteenfiftynine said...

Please stop by the store when your in DC. Our email has but the web is still the same.