28 April 2009

oh hai!

plz do not dizterb.


doesn't everyone make pillow forts for their kids? *please* tell us we're not the only one... please?

though m21's BFF makes fun of it and calls it our "crazy drag queen blanket", the zebra print "
mink" blanket under the handsome richard is the best $40.00 we've ever spent- completely impervious to all but the most heinous of pet stains (hardly even shows the sticky cat fur and that's a minor freakin' miracle); it also
it stands up to repeated washing like a champ. it ain't the most glamorous thing, but hey- at least we can look at it without gagging when we throw it on our bed everyday, and we simply swap it out for the good stuff when guests come over. no fuss, no muss, and no animals get killed for ruining a $400 duvet cover.


La Maison Fou said...

Cute....the cat's mmeeeooowww!

My Notting Hill said...

What a cute pic! Your cat looks like he most definitely deserves a pillow tent built for him.

Tracy said...

No, can't say I've ever built a fort but I have constructed all kinds of beds using baskets and boxes and towels and old clothes--whatever seemed to strike Kitty's fancy at the time. Currently, she's being allowed to sleep up on the back of an armchair in our living room ONLY because there's a washable throw up there that's easy to keep clean. And because she's getting old and I feel bad for her. Otherwise, we have a strict "no critters on the furniture" rule (of necessity because we inadvertantly adopted the two hairiest animals on the planet). And to their credit, Kitty and Bob (the dog) have always been good about following that one rule.

tartanscot said...


The TownhouseLady said...


That is one seriously handsome kitty. Great idea about the blanket. We do the same thing over here at The Townhouse!

Things That Inspire said...

Forts - we have forts galore every weekend, not for the dog, though!

When I was walking the dog today, we came across the most fearless cat. He walked right up to my 90 lb golden retriever (who had never been so close to a dog) and completely established his dominance. It was a sight to see (but, to be fair, my golden is the subservient type - definitely not an alpha dog).

I love seeing pictures of your cat - although I grew up with cats, I can never get one since my husband is deathly allergic.

Suzy said...

Richard is way cute!

Jill said...

Great idea...I go thru suzanis like their paper towels.

YSLGuy said...

What an adorable picture. Its hard to get mad at them when they get hair all over things. Luckily my couch vaccums up really well.

Fancy for nyc said...

Pillow fortress were so much fun!