17 April 2009

happy trash!

no we're not referring to a good-natured trailer park inhabitant with the "happy trash" remark (nor any member of our own less than royal peerage family). we're talkin' about these taxicab yellow special edition trashcans & accessories from vipp. nothing makes us happier then a jolt of bright refreshing yellow in the home, so next time we have a few extra benjamins in our hands (they ain't cheap), we might dump them on one of these chic and well made trash bins from vipp (design nearly unchanged since 1939). that bright n' cheery yellow on our black and white kitchen floors will look just smashing, and though we prefer to have trash receptacles hidden, in our 1920's kitchen there just ain't room- so might as well turn an eyesore into a happy highlight!

happy trash!

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

Mmm, I hope they come with a pair of sunglasses!
Too bright for these delicate eyes. LOL